Pam Sage

I’m not sure that what I have done in my past life matters so much, in relation to the commitment I have made now.  Life sometimes brings you to places you never thought you would go. Amazingly, I found that my journey of work and life took me somewhere I never would or could have imagined.

I was hired to do reproduction wax model work for Margaret in 2002.  It was a challenge to work and follow the art forms, as they make subtle and seductive changes.  Attention is given, in great detail, to making sure that the gemstone of your choice remains on the top of your hand, instead of turning under your finger.  Is your thumb constantly uprighting your ring? Does your gemstone tip to the side?  A slight angling is built into the shanks of Margaret’s ring designs, following the line between the ring finger and the palm of your hand.  This angle transitions and turns towards your little finger.  In achieving this angle, whether for the left hand ... or its mirror image for the right ... the ring emerges to become one with the wearer.

My belief in someone has never been so strong.  I love what Margaret does and what she creates.  Passion is a word often overused by people, especially these days.  Margaret’s art is more of a life style.  Every design contains a part of this artist’s soul and becomes the physical embodiment of a concept.  Each is a thoughtful process, which becomes rich and warm in yellow gold, or cool and sleek in white gold, platinum, palladium or sterling silver.

My job at Östling Jewelry Design has changed over the past 20 years.  Now it is to render personalized service regarding the details of your special project or purchase.  Please contact me if you have any questions, need assistance with your online purchase or would like to place an order by phone.