Craftsmanship; Creating the Jewelry

Östling Jewelry Design is, in its entirety, the creative work of Margaret Östling.    Margaret has been handcrafting fine jewelry since 1980 and during this time, she has established herself among the most creative and original jewelry designers in the US today, having been awarded numerous National and international Design Awards.

Using metalsmithing techniques both ancient and 'cutting-edge' contemporary, Margaret is in complete control of each piece, from original concept through finishing and stone setting.   She draws most designs by hand, particularly when working with a client, then hand carves the design in hard wax.  After the original master carving is created, the "lost wax" process is used to transform the design into metal.  At this point, a rubber mold can be created, if desired, in order to share the design with many.

Margaret also uses a wide variety of fabrication and forging techniques, working directly in metal, and is a highly skilled stone setter from prongs and bezels through channel setting and pavé. Every piece is carefully finished and hand polished, the inside given as much attention as the outer surfaces. 

Margaret's jewelry is comprised of a variety of precious metals.  Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Sterling Silver and Platinum Sterling are personal favorites.  It is with pride that we use only eco-friendly refined, recycled and recyclable precious metals and conflict-free gemstones.   

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