Our Location

Our Ninth Street Studio design consultation area


So many changes!  A new business, a new location and new designs.

Pam is still working for and with me, and we are ensconced in our cozy Ninth Street Studio.   Our hours for custom design work are mostly by appointment but we continue to be available 6 days a week and evenings too!

A big "Thank You" to all who continue to follow me and commission my work.  It has been wonderful to have seen so many familiar faces and rings and pendants, again and again, through the years.   You are all very much appreciated.

In the meantime, we've worked hard on this new website and we hope you check back often as we continue to add new work.

Platinum is a good choice

A Platinum and Diamond Moiré Vortex ring.


White metal has become a very popular choice for wedding set designs. With the current and continuing volatility of the gold market, Platinum becomes more attractive than ever.

Platinum is one of the five 'Noble Metals.'  As a 90% to 95% pure alloy, Platinum is heavier and denser than white gold and is very durable.  It looks very white in comparison to white gold, which is an alloy of pure gold and nickel, and it will not tarnish like silver or discolor over time.   Allergic reactions to Platinum are extremely rare. 

 I personally love working with Platinum.  I love the cool feel and its super-white color.  Because this precious metal is so durable, I set diamonds in Platinum prongs whenever possible.   White gold prongs are subject to corrosion by cleaning chemicals such as chlorine but this is not the case with Platinum.   

Most of my designs can be ordered in Platinum, so think about Platinum as a white metal choice. 

Why Custom Design?

Why Custom Design?

Can't find a design you really like?  If you have a great idea for a piece of jewelry and just can't find it anywhere, then consider a custom design, made especially for you.  All of the jewelry on my website is designed and made by me, personally and 'The Gallery' contains many of my one-of-a-kind custom orders.  Distance is never a problem, as I can scan and email drawings and photos of work in progress.  And you can talk to me directly and work with me personally.  Now, that's something you won't find in a commercial jewelry store!